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Last week we talked about what we eat for breakfast. This week we want to share what we eat for lunch.

We often cook enough of a recipe that it can be used as a base for our lunch for three days. This way, the second and third lunches have very little prep and cooking time and we eat quickly without a lot of time in the kitchen.

But we don't just eat the same thing for three days. For the meal we're showing you in this video, we're showing you the third day of the Mung Bean Stew we cooked from the blog on January 30. For the the first day, we had the stew just as it comes. For the second day we had it again, but added kale and frozen corn which changed it significantly.

And as you'll see in the video, for the third day we cooked some yams to put the stew over, added kale and cabbage, and served it with a side of asparagus. Here's what it looks like:

So, there you have it. You can see that, for us, lunch is the largest meal of the day and it covers all the categories on the High Nutrient Dense food list: a large serving of dark, leafy greens, green vegetables, beans or legumes and starchy veggies. What wasn't shown on the video is that we used our Oil Free Caesar Dressing on the asparagus, which added some of the nuts or seeds category from the HND list .

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