Health & Natural Weight Loss Course


  • Create a Healthy Relationship with Food
    without restriction, portion control or willpower

    Learn to listen to your body's wisdom and follow your intuitive guidance as you discover a whole new way of relating to food.


    Everything in nature is constantly restoring balance and thriving. It's built into the design. What if our nature is to constantly return to balance and thrive as well?
    We've been helping people restore health, lose weight naturally and truly thrive for over 30 years . It's a matter of learning to access our true nature, our true design, and then the balance, beauty and harmony seen throughout all of nature begins to show up in our lives as well. Our bodies are constantly restoring balance just like nature. Come learn to align with that. Come see how we can evolve through food.
    We are constantly expanding our knowledge and recently added the option of SOS-Free (no added Salt, Oil or Sugar) to the meal plan.
    Following is a synopsis of the first 2 the full 6 weeks
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    Week 1

    Getting a Fresh, Clean Start

    This first week focuses on distinctive Smoothies, luscious Salads and delicious Soups to provide super high nutrient dense foods that boost cleansing and regeneration to get us off to a great start.

    And we begin exploring the nature of our relationship with food, what it's been and how it could be.

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    Week 2

    Moving Away from Inflammatory Foods

    Inflammatory foods create pain and chronic conditions in our bodies as well as promoting weight gain. Letting go of these food groups with the new recipes of highly nutritious Dark Leafy Greens and Salads is a breeze.

    This week we deepen our understanding of how the difficulties in our lives can lead us back into aligning with our true nature and a healthy relationship with food.

  • What's Included


    Video lessons

    12 video lessons, 2 each week, that guide you in the steps and understanding of listening to your innate wisdom and easily switching to WFPB during the 6 week course.


    Over 60 WFPB recipes complimenting each week's particular focus on restoring health.

    One-on-One coaching

    Private one-on-one coaching sessions each week to answer questions and deepen in the understanding of accessing our true nature and creating a healthy relationship with food.

    Price: $698

    Also Included

    6 group calls (60 minutes each) with Connie and Bill every Saturday throughout the course.


    Private Facebook Group to share recipes, ideas and ask questions with the rest of the community.


    Unlimited support - all your questions answered.


    Lifetime access to all of the video lessons, recipes and additional resources.


    Opportunity to join the HNWL graduate community where you can be part of a very close and supportive ongoing community & receive coaching from Connie and Bill.

  • “I can’t believe how my body responds to eating high nutrient foods. I’ve lost 20 pounds,
    but more important I’m really hearing my body’s wisdom about what to eat that supports my health.
    I’m recovering from cancer and just had knee replacement surgery. My life has changed dramatically.”
    -- Dianne
    “Learning that there can be such an ease to eating healthy and at the same time managing my weight
    is like a breath of fresh air and so freeing compared to how I had been attempting to manage it myself.”
    -- Heidi
    “This way of eating is the way I’ve always wanted to eat with ease, where it’s not hard, not having to think about it all the time.
    Working with you has connected the dots for me in a way that just wasn’t connecting before. I’m really grateful.”
    -- Denise
    “It’s been so great to learn how to be healthy on a busy schedule.”
    -- Charlie
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