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Today we want to share Connie's Breakfast Smoothie and Bill's Smoothie Bowl, where he uses part of his smoothie with whole grain and fruit.

If you watched last week's blog, notice how these breakfasts we're sharing line up with the High Nutrient Dense list. Both of our breakfasts have a healthy serving of greens and fruit and Bill's adds a bit of the daily portion of whole grains.

It's valuable to know that what we eat first thing in the morning meets our mantra of "a wide variety of organic High Nutrient Dense whole plant-based food", but what's even better is that we find it so much more satisfying and fulfilling than the standard North American diet like bacon and eggs or the cream of wheat with a slab of butter and brown sugar I had as a kid. And, quite honestly, even more satisfying than the yogurt and granola I changed to when I first became a vegetarian.

It's wonderful to experience how the healthiest food on the planet can also be delicious. Join us in the kitchen to see these breakfasts being made:

Try one of the smoothies that we made or enjoy one from the "Smoothies & Drinks" page on our website. Here's the link. They all taste so good!

To Your Amazing Health,

Connie and Bill