• Meal Planning

  • Are you looking for an easy way to switch to whole food plant based eating

    or just expand your repertoire of delicious ways to eat really nutritious food?


    We offer numerous ways to help you incorporate WFPB meals into your life, your events or a program in your company.

    Did you know that there is research now showing dramatic increase in mood and well being by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet? That the more fruits and vegetables a test group ate the more their life satisfaction increased. In fact, it was shown that the increase in well being people felt from eating more fruits and veggies went from a psychological state of feeling like they were unemployed to a state of feeling like they got a job.
    Here's a link to Dr. Michael Greger's summary of the research.
    The research also shows that the same increase of fruits and vegetables can help protect against the future risk of clinical depression and anxiety.
  • Ways We Can Help


    Daily, Weekly or Monthly meal plans

    Personalized meal plans to fit your preferences and tastes that include a balance of high nutrient dense whole foods to support clarity, vitality and strengthen immune and brain function.

    Corporate events

    Let us help you plan the food offering at your next corporate event that will leave your guests satisfied without feeling heavy, tired or on a sugar rush.


    We specialize in creating recipes that satisfy the tastes and textures of our common comfort foods without their inflammatory, high sugar effects.

    Areas of focus included in all plans

    Anti-inflammatory - eliminates the inflammatory food groups while incorporating a wide variety of the most powerful anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables.


    Protein - includes plant based protein levels that meet or exceed recommended daily values without the cholesterol and other health related problems associated animal sources of protein.


    Healthy fat - creative, delicious ways to include whole food, healthy fats like omega-3s and polyunsaturated oils.


    Immune support - dedicated attention to immune boosting foods to support our bodies' ability to fight flu and disease.

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