Full immersion... live with us, learn with us, play with us.


  • A retreat is an opportunity to pull back from daily routines and familiar environments and dive deeply into your inner vitality and clarity, discovering new possibilities and insights that are waiting there.

    3-5 day retreats available

    Retreats provide an environment that allows you to discover insights, wisdom and clarity that provide a fresh perspective on your life.
    During the immersion we explore new ideas, new perspectives and living from an intuitive flow, following our own inner guidance through the activities of each day.
  • What's Included

    Each day includes:

    Personal Coaching
    2 coaching sessions each day exploring the nature of the mind, the role our thinking plays in creating our experience of life, whether it is critical and restricted or open, joyful and relaxing, and how we access our innate well being.


    Spontaneous Activities
    Fun activities that provide insight into how life works, including things like the Jenga game, Play Dough, movies, dancing, cooking and others.


    Quiet Time
    Time for reflection of the insights and discoveries made throughout the days.





    Priced from $1500 - $2000 (depending on length of stay)

    Food & Accommodations

    Live with us in your own space in the lower level of our contemporary townhouse.


    1100 sq. ft. suite with private bedroom and bath, living area, with a full counter, sink and fridge.


    Share 3 whole food, plant-based meals each day, providing a high nutrient base for energy and clarity in the joy of coming together with food.







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