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    What is SOS-Free

    Eating SOS-Free is when we don't add any Salt, Oil or Sugar to the meals we make. The benefits are well documented and include reduced risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer. And many lose weight as well.





    The Pleasure Trap

    Ever have trouble stopping after one cookie or potato chip? That's the Pleasure Trap that's got you. A natural part of our physiology, but gone berserk in a world of processed, refined foods.





    HND Food List

    Here is a list of High Nutrient Dense Whole Foods with a density score on the right and daily portion description on the left.






    Regeneration is our bodies’ ability to restore health naturally. It’s our ability to overcome and recover from health challenges and disease.



    SAD-MAD-HND Diets

    It’s quite revealing why the HND diet we recommend has such a positive impact on our health when we compare it to different diets.




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