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    Connie and Bill both suffered from advanced chronic conditions and resolved them entirely by switching to a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet.
    The journey began when Connie's first husband was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia in the '80s, and she turned her focus to WFPB to (successfully) help him correct it and get off the seven medications he was taking. Intrigued by the power of WFPB, she began studying with several notable experts and, when she met Bill, shared her knowledge to help him resolve the severe arthritic pain he experienced. Seeing the pain reduced 80% in four weeks and later disappearing entirely, he became a believer too.
    Connie later developed a large fibroid tumour that her doctor wanted to remove surgically, but she knew that would not address the cause. So she asked to postpone surgery to give food a try. Sure enough, the tumour shrank from the size of a volleyball to that of an egg in two weeks when Connie began a WFPB regimen of raw, living foods and wheatgrass juice. She subsequently resolved it entirely.
    Having the personal experience of the power of food to restore health, she and Bill opened an organic WFPB restaurant in Santa Fe, NM, in 1993. They ran the restaurant for five years and then transitioned to teaching and coaching others to experience the benefits of switching to this type of food and lifestyle.
    The latest and most significant addition to their program has been the inclusion of personal coaching, where they explore the nature of the mind with each client and its role in food choices and all areas of life. With the clarity this new understanding brings, old food habits fall away without willpower and self-discipline, making the diet and lifestyle changes an easy and natural part of everyday life. No more yo-yo-ing through program after program looking for lasting results. 
    When we create a healthy relationship with food and who we really are, change happens naturally and effortlessly.

  • Connie & Bill DeKramer


    Connie has an extensive background in business. Having opened and managed a chain of weight loss salons in the US and Australia in the 1970s and '80s.

    After retiring from that career, she received her Master's degree in Vedic Studies, focusing on Ayurveda (East Indian healing foods) from MIU. She graduated from Dr.Amy Johnson's Change Coach Academy in 2019.

    She loves working with women, helping them see their innate self-worth while coaching them around restoring health and losing weight naturally with WFPB.

    In her spare time, she plays classical piano, takes long walks, and loves jigsaw puzzles and a good murder mystery series.




    Bill has a varied background from being a TM teacher in the 1970s, a business owner in the '80s, and then, after meeting Connie, helping people restore their health with a high nutrient-dense WFPB diet.

    His passion is helping people awaken to their true nature, often through their relationship with food.

    He studied as a pre-med student at Stanford University and is a certified Organic Master Gardener. He graduated from Dr.Amy Johnson's Change Coach Academy in 2019.

    When he isn't coaching and teaching, he is making furniture and staying fit.


  • Interviews

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    Changeable Podcast with Dr. Amy Johnson

    Dr. Amy Johnson, creator of The Little School of Big Change, interviews Connie and Bill around the impact their personal coaching has had on their programs to help people get healthy, lose weight and connect more deeply with who they really are.

    Insightful Conversations with Del Aday-Jones

    This is an interview with Del Aday-Jones exploring how the understanding Connie and Bill use in their Health & Natural Weight Loss course helps people unravel the food and lifestyle habits that lead to weight gain and poor health without effort or will power.

    Interview with Jasmyne DesBiens

    In this Podcast, Jasmyne DesBiens goes into how the Principles Bill and Connie use with their health and weight loss program has made the changes their clients see long lasting. 

    Interview with Lori Carpenos

    Lori Carpenos interviews Bill and Connie around the "missing link" that they finally uncovered to help their clients make and maintain the diet and lifestyle changes they wanted to make to improve their health and lose weight without the struggle of adhering to a rigid plan of right foods and wrong foods.

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