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    Health & Natural Weight Loss Course

    We are designed to thrive. 6-week course supporting the shift to WFPB eating and listening to our own inner wisdom to create a true, healthy relationship with food to restore health and lose weight naturally.



    One-on-One Coaching offers a personalized, fast track to quickly restore health and lose weight naturally while addressing the mental and emotional drivers that have us reaching for food when we aren't hungry.


    Stay with us, learn with us, cook and play with us for a complete immersion in WFPB eating and living from your inner wisdom.



    Meal Plans

    Looking for a day, a week or a month's worth of great tasting, high nutrient dense WFPB recipes? Or if you're just wanting guidance about how to balance your meal routines, we offer personalized meal planning for families, companies and institutions.


    Over 100 delicious WFPB recipes plus information on meal planning, grocery shopping and setting up your kitchen.

    Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation

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