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    The Game Changers

    available on Netflix

    The Game Changers tells the story of James Wilks as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet for human performance.


    Forks Over Knives

    available at Forks Over Knives

    This acclaimed documentary explores how a WFPB diet can control or reverse the afflictions of degenerative diseases.



    What the Health

    available on Netflix

    The film follows filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases.





    Dr. Zach Bush: GMO's & Gut Health

    YouTube interview with Rich Roll

    Zach Bush is a board certified physician in 3 specialties and shares his perspective on how GMO's and the pesticides used with them impact our health. 1hr 42 min





    Dr. Michael Greger: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    Dr. Greger offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers in the United States.





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