Restore Health, Lose Weight Naturally and Thrive...

    following your True Nature


  • We were born to thrive.

    We really believe that we are born to thrive. And our journey through life, and the world of food, seems to support that. In our own experience and with hundreds of clients, we've seen the amazing capacity we have to restore our health and come back to clarity and vitality when we give our bodies what they need to thrive.


    Most of what we see in the world doesn't reflect this natural design to thrive. But what it looks like to us is that it isn't the design that's gone wrong, but that what we're eating and the way we're living doesn't align us with that natural design, with our true nature.


    So, our focus is for people to open to their true nature, living and eating more aligned with our natural design, in order to bring us back to clarity and vitality, and the vibrant enjoyment of life.

    What do we do?

    Over the years we've found that what supports people to restore their health, mentally, physically and spiritually, is to return to the simplicity that we evolved with: eating high nutrient dense whole foods with adequate exercise and a loving environment.


    What we see provides the quickest return to physical health is a whole food, plant-based diet (WFPB) with moderate exercise and good sleep. And also to address our relationship with food on the mental / emotional level, the place where cravings and unwanted food habits arise from. We've found an understanding that helps us to drop those unwanted habits and behaviours without willpower or self-discipline.


    And that's why we call our program Amazing Health Effortlessly. There's an effortlessness to life when we align with the simplicity of life's essential nature. With this new understanding, we begin to move past the things that are confusing and compromising our lives. With that, our natural design takes over and does the rest. It does the heavy lifting. We regenerate. We are restored on all levels, effortlessly, by the very nature of our design, by our true nature.

  • Ways to Work with Us

    Health & Natural Weight Loss Course

    A 6-week course supporting the shift to whole food, plant-based eating, and listening to our own inner wisdom to create an authentic, healthy relationship with food, restoring health and losing weight naturally.

    We also explore the nature of our relationship with food, and how to restore balance in this area of our lives.

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    1-on-1 Coaching offers a fast track to restore health, lose weight naturally and thrive by uncovering the mental and emotional drivers of using food to deal with stress and difficulties in our lives.

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    Stay with us, learn with us, cook and play with us. Immerse yourself in whole food, plant-based eating, and living from inner wisdom.

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    Meal Planning


    Are you looking for an easy way to switch to whole food plant based eating? We offer numerous ways to help you incorporate WFPB meals into your life, your events or a program in your company.

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  • Our Blog

  • “The nicest and most fun part was having the other people doing the same thing, having more than myself on this path.
    So great to hear on the weekly community calls that they go through the same things I go through.
    It just helps having other people out there doing it.”
    -- Sheila

    “The most valuable thing for me was being introduced to this world of food I didn’t know existed and didn’t know I liked.

    I really appreciate the personal coaching and the way this is presented as an invitation rather than going without things.

    I’ve lost 15 pounds and old aches and pains are disappearing. I like that!”

    -- Anita

    “I am so amazed at how effortless it feels to be following this program

    and yet the inches are falling away! And to think of all the years I struggled!”

    -- Wendi

    “Two months ago I was on high blood pressure medication, high cholesterol medication and several vitamin and mineral supplements.

    I had arthritis pain in my knees, elbows and joints. Every morning I woke up with stiffness in my fingers and my left arm was numb.

    Then I met Connie who started teaching me about high nutrient dense whole foods.
    To my surprise, in just a couple of weeks, the stiffness was gone from my fingers when I woke up,

    and a few weeks after that, the numbness in my arm disappeared.
    I have a machine at home where I measure my blood pressure

    and I’ve been able to stop both my high blood pressure and high cholesterol medications.
    I have more energy now than I know what to do with, and I lost 15 inches in the 6 week course."

    -- Bonnie

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