Being Taught Vs. Learning

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We've been exploring the subtle, but what can be a significant difference between wanting to be taught something and wanting to learn something. I've noticed that when I want to be taught something, I kind of sit back looking to get something. But when I want to learn something, I'm more leaning into the situation with an open and exploratory mind, looking to find something new.

When I'm taught something, I come away with more information. But when I learn something I come away with new insights, new ways of relating to things. This may seem like a subtle distinction, but we've seen in our lives what a difference it can make. Now, we don't want you to get caught up in the words here, but see if you can sense the difference we're talking about. 


And join us for more in this video:

We can be taught strategies and techniques from the ideas of others and sometimes they work. Often our results are short term. When we want to make a real change, change happens with seeing something new, seeing life in a new way. With insight we learn more about how life really works.

In our 6-week course we start people eating whole food plant based so they can tune into their body's wisdom. Then, toward the end of the program, we encourage everyone to rely on their inner wisdom, what they've learned about what will support their health and well-being most. When we rely on our inner wisdom, we become our own authority and eat in a way that is ideal for us.

By listening to our inner wisdom, we learn that we are our own best authority. We learn a new way to be in life that changes everything.

The recipe this week is another Quick & Easy one. We made hummus in less than 10 minutes, start to finish. So when you walk in and want to eat in a hurry, hummus can be a quick go-to. And it's delicious on Corn Thins with avocado. We also like to serve it with a lettuce salad, which is also very quick to create.

When we made hummus this time, we decided to boil potatoes and serve it over those. So good.

And you can vary it by adding roasted red pepper or roasted garlic or roasted beets. Each one of these versions takes a little more planning, but it's worth it.

Here's the link to the recipe.

To Your Amazing Health,

Connie and Bill