Becoming Dairy Free - Cashew Cheese

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Bill started eating WFPB years ago to see if it would make a difference in the pain he was experiencing. One of the things he thought he could never give up was cheese and dairy. But he gave it a try, and after 2 weeks without it, he felt so much less pain he decided to stay on the WFPB track a little longer... and he's still dairy free today. The impact that dairy had on his body became so obvious that it didn't make sense to go back.

We don't really miss cheese or dairy these days, but there are alternatives that we've explored and make from time to time. Today we'll share a fermented cashew cheese that tastes amazing.

We've made this cheese several times and it is so good. Try it yourself in your food processor and see how quick and easy it is to make. Just buy a bottle of Kombucha to add ferment and the nutritional yeast is usually available in bulk at your health food store.

We love being dairy free and living all the benefits of being pain free, having a healthy microbiome and keeping a healthy weight effortlessly.

Eating whole food plant based we miss nothing from our old way of eating. And our health and energy and clarity is amazing. I love the confidence this way of eating gives me to live a long and productive life.

Here's the link for the cashew cheese recipe.

To your Amazing Health,

Connie and Bill