Your GPS to Clarity - Part 3

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What if our feelings are like an inner guidance system? What if they're like an inner GPS telling us where we're coming from and where we're headed rather than telling us there's something wrong here or something right here, like Connie and I have so often thought they meant? What if they aren't really an evaluation of a situation so much as an indicator of the state of mind we're currently in and coming from?

When I get triggered and feel like something's wrong, I often look outside myself to try to change the situation so that the feeling changes. I try to change my behaviour or try to get someone else to change, to change how I feel. And that's a constant battle. There's constant effort to try to control what's happening.

What if our feelings are telling us something about where we're coming from rather than something about what the situation that's triggering us means. For me, when Connie pointed out some food still on the counter after I wiped it, I'd have thoughts like "I'm not tidy enough for this relationship to work" or "she's too judgemental or picky and needs to change for this relationship to work."

What if we just lean into our feelings that we don't like and want to change? If we just feel the feelings without a story about them, they often start to subside.

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What if we explore our feelings with curiosity? Lean in and explore them without judgement or a story about them. Explore them like a little scientist to see what they really are.

And often, when we lean into a feeling without a story about what it means, something comes to us that helps us deal with the situation effectively that is triggering the feeling. From the quiet mind of curiosity, we get our best thinking. Much better than the what I think to do from an anxious mind that thinks I've done something wrong.

The recipe this week is a new version of Roasted Chickpeas. We love roasted chickpeas in our Buddha bowls, as croutons on our salads and just a simple snack. This version doesn't require us to cook the beans first and then roast them. Just soak them overnight and then roast them with your favourite seasonings.

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Connie and Bill

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Roasted Chickpeas Cooked After Soaking

  • 3 cups uncooked chickpeas soaked overnight
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1 tablespoon sumac
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano

Drain chickpeas after overnight soaking. Add lemon juice and spices and mix well.

Bake in a large pan lined with parchment paper at 400 degrees F. for 40 minutes.

Remove from heat and when cool store in an open bowl on the counter for easy snacks or add to Buddha Bowls or salads.