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We've talked about the value of going 100% Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) if you want to see the full regenerative capacity our bodies have to stay healthy. And even in some cases reverse disease. But some of our clients say that they find it hard to stay on track at times.

We've been helping people find their way through the challenge for quite a while and have some ideas to share.

Join us to hear more.

When we understand the addictive nature of dopamine that's over-stimulated when we eat processed foods high in sugar and fat, it's easy to understand how the urge for these foods isn't really our bodies wanting them for the nourishment they provide, but the feel good hit we get.

Can you see this going on when you feel an urge for an old comfort food? Or even wanting just one more bite of a sweet food? The best way we've found to make it easy to "stay the course" when an urge or desire comes up is to pause and check in. Let the mind settle.

In that pause, can you see if the desire is coming from your body's knowing that it's nourishing and healthy, or is it the idea it will feel good to eat it?

Learning to listen to your body, the intelligence of your body, can help you see that urges and desires are seeking pleasure not real nourishment and health. The intelligence of our body is always calm and clear. The urges and desires are usually excited and urgent.

The more we listen to our body's intelligence and follow that wisdom, the more joyful and clear and easy our choices become.

The recipe this week is Vegan Meatballs. Sometimes it's fun to "replicate" some of our childhood favourites and this did that for us. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

To your Amazing Health,
Connie and Bill