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We've been helping people restore their health with whole foods for 30 years now. And as we share more and more about the latest research and understanding, we also see that at times it's good to go back to the basics of why this diet and lifestyle work.

The Basic Premise that we work with is that we are born to thrive. That is, our bodies are designed to regenerate, to maintain balance and to be healthy. But, we need to give our bodies what they need to do that.


We need to give it what it needs and also eliminate the things that tax our systems and create symptoms of discomfort and dis-ease in our lives. Understanding this, we've found that if some discomfort, some symptom arises, we can fine tune our diet and lifestyle choices to eliminate the issue.


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One basic to keep in mind then is that all calories are not created equal. That is, we can eat food that provides 100 calories that tax our systems, or we can eat different food that provides 100 calories that supports our systems to be strong and function well.

Like this, not all protein is created equal. We can eat 2 different foods that provide the same amount of protein, but one comes with a high acidic load, cholesterol, saturated fat, carcinogenic elements like heterocyclic amines and no fibre, while another can be low acid, no cholesterol, no saturated fat, loads of cancer-fighting nutrients and a good amount of fibre.

Now, keeping track of calories or protein intake takes time and has us always thinking about what's in the food instead of just enjoying it. So, we have a basic rule of thumb that takes care of that. If we eat High Nutrient Dense, organic, whole food, we've got it covered.

To understand what foods are High Nutrient Dense, we have a chart you can download here. It's pretty simple, really. As you can see in the chart, the foods with the highest nutrient density are leafy greens and vegetables, beans, grains and fruit. All plants. And the low nutrient dense foods are processed foods and animal products.

The recipe for this week is a Quinoa Tabouli Salad. It's a new twist on an old favourite that includes grapes that sweeten it up that is a wonderful, refreshing addition in these warm summer months.

To you Amazing Health,
Connie and Bill