Accessing Our Inner Resource

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We all have an amazing inner resource that can guide us to a life of ease and joy. That inner resource is always available and we experience it daily, we just don't notice. How we access it is what this video explores. Please join us.

And there you have it. And if you are curious and want to know more how accessing your inner resource might add value to life, we are happy to give you a free session of exploration. Just let us know in the "Comment" section below and we'll meet.

The recipe is Quick and Easy and so, so delicious. It is a mango salsa with avocado stuffed potato. It's wonderfully satisfying and filling. All you need do is put potatoes in to bake and make this quick salsa. We served it with steamed kale, cabbage, spinach and some fresh out of the garden string beans. Yum.

You can access the recipe from our website here: Mango Salsa Baked Potatoes

To Your Amazing Health,

Connie and Bill