Zucchini Soup

Soup doesn't come more pure and simple than this: just zucchini. And it's absolutely exquisite. Delicate but rich in flavour. An unexpected surprise.

We discovered this soup when we found some very large zucchini that had gone unnoticed in our garden. We called them "torpedoes" they were so big. We couldn't imagine they would taste good being so large, but Connie had the idea to cut it up in 1" squares and cook it down.

Boy, are we glad we did. We look forward this soup every summer. And our garden and farmer friends are often looking to give these big guys away. What could be better?

Zucchini Soup (Serves 2 -4)

This is a great way to use those really large zucchini that happen in our garden.

  • 2 large zucchini, cut in slices and quartered
  • 2 tablespoons butter (optional) We have found this is the one and only time we may use butter. It seems to make this soup. And you can omit it by adding red pepper flakes to the level of heat you enjoy.
  • Sumac (Optional to give salty taste) and ground black pepper to taste

Put all ingredients in a large pan. Cover and turn stove on low. The zucchini cooks in its own juice.

Stir once or twice in the first 10 minutes until the juices cover the bottom of the pan so the zucchini doesn't stick. Mash with a potato masher after 30-40 minutes (when very soft) and serve.