Who We Are and Food

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We're coming back to two of our favorite topics this week, who we really are and our relationship with food. The two may not seem to be closely related, but we have found that the more we understand our true nature, who we really are, the more confident and secure we feel. And when we're feeling confident and secure, we don't find ourselves looking to comfort foods to help us feel better or change a mood. We've found that our relationship with food is better the more we're grounded in our true nature.

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This may seem like a far-fetched idea, but what if who we are is the EXPERIENCER of what is going on? What if who we are is more like the white screen that the movie is projected on in a theatre than all of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours? The white movie screen is never affected by whatever movie is playing. It is always the same stable screen. What if we could experience our lives that way? Experience life in a way that is engaging but not destabilizing.

We've been finding this greater stability in all areas of our lives and love sharing it with our clients. And it becomes clear that the more they have this deeper insight into their true nature, the more naturally they are drawn to healthy food and don't miss the comfort foods.

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The recipe this week is a simplification of our Quick & Easy Broccoli and Cauliflower. We've made it much quicker and easier and even more delicious. You can view the updated version here.

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Connie and Bill