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Often when we find ourselves reaching for food when we aren't hungry it's because there's a feeling of anxiety or worry. We've lost our sense of well being and we turn to the "Pleasure Trap" to help us feel better.

Because we've experienced that when we eat refined, sugary, fatty and salty foods we get a hit of dopamine, the feel good brain chemical, it's natural when we feel anxious or low to think to turn to these foods for a lift.

Unfortunately, this is a short term fix using low nutrient dense foods that create health conditions and excess weight. So, what's the real fix? Check it out in this week's video:

When we begin to see how we lose our sense of well being because one of our "rules", something we think we need in order to be okay, is broken, we can step back and see that the rule isn't a real need, but a preference. With that, we can relax and notice that our well being is still accessible within us.

This is why the "Eating with Presence" exercise is so effective. When we get present with our food, we pull all the flags out of our world of well being and are able to respond free of our conditioning and beliefs about what we need to be okay. We access the intelligence of the body which is naturally drawn to healthy, whole foods, the diet we evolved with. The diet we think we were intended to eat to thrive.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comment section below.

The recipe this week is