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We've been noticing an interesting parallel between our emotional well-being and our physical well-being. Both are experienced as a sense of clarity, balance and ease. One in the mind. One in the body.

Relating to this, we've shared how we believe that we all have innate well-being at our core and that we experience this when the "snow globe" of our thinking mind is settled. When we aren't caught up in anxious, busy thinking and overwhelm, when our minds are settled, we experience this natural state of calm and peace. That's just what's left when our mind is settled.

We've also shared that everyone has a blueprint for health and physical well-being built into every cell of our bodies, in our DNA, and to experience that, all we need to do is give our bodies what they need to carry out the plans encoded in our cell. For us that's been a Whole Food Plant Based diet. And we've seen this in our own lives and also proven by hundreds of our clients as they shift to WFPB and see their health restored.

Join us to hear more about how we see these two states, our mental, emotion state of well-being and our physical state of well-being have interesting parallels.

We believe we all have innate well-being at our core, both physically and emotionally, and that there's a blueprint for achieving both. Understanding the nature of the mind and how life works (inside-out) and eating a WFPB diet provide what is needed to experience well-being and ease on both levels throughout our lives.

If you would like a free consultation regarding any of the ideas we've discussed, please leave us a comment below.

And for the recipe this week, we're referring you to our Kim Chi recipes, Kim Chi 1 and Kim Chi 2. We've started making Kim Chi again and find them such a refreshing addition to a meal as well as great support for our health by supporting our microbiome.

To Your Amazing Health,

Connie and Bill