A New Understanding

    Seeing life through new eyes

  • A New Understanding

    We’ve been helping people restore health and lose weight naturally for 30-some years with a WFPB diet and lifestyle. It’s been successful and very fulfilling.


    But one thing puzzled us for a long time. Sometimes, even when someone had great results, like getting off their meds, or losing the excess weight they wanted to get rid of and were feeling great, they would return to their old ways of eating and recreate the conditions they came to us to resolve.


    What we began to see was that there was a mental-emotional link that could override what they knew was healthy. We offered lots of techniques and strategies to try to help them with this, but nothing really stuck.


    A few years ago though, we came across a new understanding that is really making a difference in our client's lives. It helps them understand and deal with the mental-emotional aspect that seems to hijack us into eating food that comforts us, but isn’t healthy. It helps us break out of the Pleasure Trap created by unhealthy comfort food.


    I say a new understanding because it’s a new way of looking at life. Seeing life through a new lens. It’s become clear to us that what drives a compulsion for foods that aren’t healthy is stress and anxiety. We're almost always looking for relief from the feelings of stress and anxiety in our lives.


    With this new understanding, we look at what drives the stress and anxiety that leads to reaching for food for relief. With this new way of looking at life, we begin to overcome anxiety and unwanted habits without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline. We begin to tap into our natural health and resilience.


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