• Welcome to the You Are A Miracle video series

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    In this video series, you will follow six people on their journey to becoming Whole Food Plant Based and SOS-free. Each person shares what drew them to the WFPB world and then speaks about a current challenge they experience.


    In unravelling this challenge, they see that they can live more of the miracle they really are.

  • The Videos 


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    Video 1 - Introduction

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    Video 2 - Wendi: Your Are the Blue Sky

    Who we are is beyond our thoughts and feelings. We are this
    vast expanse, and our thoughts and feelings are like the clouds that move through the sky.
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    Video 3 - Richie: My Brain Has a Habit, But It Isn't Who I am

    When the urge to eat arises and we’re not hungry, it’s coming from our habitual relationship with food. If we relax and let the mind get quiet, we return to our true nature, the miracle we really are, and move beyond our habitual nature.
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    Video 4 - Joan: What Is My Why To Become WFPB?

    When we find the true, deep yearning to experience our highest level of health, staying on track becomes the default.
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    Video 5 - Sheila: Glimpsing The Miracle We Are

    If we get lost in thoughts, we can let them all go like helium balloons and return to our clarity and wisdom. In this, we glimpse the miracle we are.
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    Video 6 - Colleen: As The Miracle, We Are One with Others

    When we are quiet and relax, just for a moment, we begin to see that what we often seek outside ourselves through the satisfaction from food, is always available within.
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    Video 7 - Holly: Food Habits (or Other Difficulties) Are A Doorway Into The Miracle We Are

    The difficulties we experience with food habits (and other areas of life) is Life inviting us to see more of who we are - a miraculous human being.
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    Video 8 - Conclusion: You Are A Miracle

    To experience the miracle you are, remember:
    • Our feelings come from our thoughts
    • Habits that lead us astray come from our mind wanting us to feel good, to find relief from discomfort.
    • Unraveling habits is simple, but not always easy.
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