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    Food cravings occur to almost everyone and can seem like a terrible enemy undermining our intention to get healthy or lose weight. The intensity of a craving can make it seem like there's just no winning once it comes up. What to do?


    Strategies to deal with cravings have been around for a long time. Take a walk, have a glass of water, don't have comfort foods in the house. These can really help. But in this video series, we take a different approach. Rather than looking for how to manage the cravings, we invite you to explore conditions that trigger cravings to see if we can reduce, or even eliminate the responses that bring the cravings on in the first place.


    We think of it as going "upstream". Imagine walking along a river and suddenly hearing a panicked call for help. You see someone in the river struggling and you jump in and pull them to safety. Then you see two more people struggling to stay afloat. You and the one you rescued jump in and save those two only to look upstream and see there are still more people coming down the river struggling. Seeing this, it occurs to you to tell those you've saved to jump in and pull everyone out while you head upstream to figure out why so many have fallen into the river. 


    This is the power of prevention. If we find a way to prevent people from falling into the river, we don’t need to pull them out later, downstream. If we find a way to prevent the craving from arising in the first place, we're way ahead of the game. 


    This has occurred for us as we've looked at our lives and experience from a new paradigm. The situations that used to trigger a craving are seen differently and we no longer feel the need for food to deal with it. We're no longer falling into the river.


    The Videos



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    Video 1 - A New Paradigm

    We’re always feeling our thinking and that creates the feelings that lead to cravings. 

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    Video 2 - The Feeling Exercise

    How welcoming our feelings can defuse the trigger of a craving.

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    Video 3 - Eating with Presence


    Accessing our inner wisdom to break out of old habits and beliefs. 

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    Video 4 - The Gift in Cravings

    How cravings offer an opportunity to blossom into new learning and growth in our lives. 

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    Bonus Video - Cooking Greens to Reduce Cravings

    A quick, easy way to createdelicious, sweet tasting greens that can help reduce cravings