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    Amazing Health Effortlessly Cookbook

    Restoring Health with Whole Foods

    This is my first Cookbook. It’s an eBook with over 100 delicious, nutritious recipes, information on meal planning, grocery shopping and how to set up your kitchen.
    Here’s a testimonial from the Cookbook that expresses the wonderful journey we have shared with many like you who are learning about restoring health with whole foods.


    “My journey with whole foods began the day I met Connie. Prior to that I felt I was very health conscious and knew what healthy eating was (cous cous and nonfat yogurt are great right?!). Wow was I wrong. Learning about the philosophy of whole food eating and actually how to put it into practice in my everyday routine was life changing. My health challenges that had plagued me my entire life suddenly began to shift and I was experiencing complete balance on all levels of wellness. Whole food eating in my opinion is the only way to create true wellness in body, mind and spirit. I have many thanks to give to Connie and Bill for helping set me on the path of dietary truth and now she is sharing her wonderful knowledge with this book. What a gift!”

    -- Jennifer